When it comes to compact cameras, there’s no mistaking that the Oppo A15 is one of the leaders. The Oppo A series offers many benefits over the competition, so whether you’re looking for a basic point and shoot or a professional model, this camera will fit your needs perfectly. The main selling point is that it’s a digital camera that can easily fit in your pocket. The A series from Oppo is packed full of high-tech features that allow it to compete with many top quality digital cameras.

The Oppo A15S on the back is a powerful oppo a15s 13-mp primary camera with a two-megration camera and a 4 gigabyte memory card. The front camera setup also features an 8 megapixel primary lens for facial shots. The front and back cameras also have built in image stabilization which eliminates the shake effect often associated with off-brand smartphones. It also sports an eight mega pixel camera for facial shots.

Like many modern smartphones the Oppo A15S packs in a powerful secondary camera as well. This gives users an ability to take multiple shots on one photo. In an industry where consumers expect more out of their mobile devices, the addition of a powerful secondary camera makes the Oppo A15S a highly desirable device. The Oppo A15S features a high-definition camera that incorporates Clear Picture technology for clarity and accuracy, resulting in vibrant pictures. In addition, the smartphone comes standard with a built-in memory card that stores up to sixty minutes of content for users to view later.

The Oppo A15S smartphone runs on a single-core 1.4 GHz quad-core processor that is manufactured by Samsung. With this powerful processor, the device experiences quick performance. The device features fourGB of RAM and the Android OS v4.2 (Froyo). The device also features a host of customizable features that allow users to create an incredibly customized experience. Some of the customizable features include:

To enhance the speed of device operation, Samsung has employed the Samsung-made Exynon processor. The Exynon processor is an ARMv6 design that supports the performance of the A series processors from Samsung. This is the main reason why the smartphone runs smoothly and offers smooth and fast browsing and operating speeds. The powerful quad-core processor performs better compared to the older single-core Exynon processor. This means that the Oppo A15S runs faster and performs better than the predecessors.

The battery life in the Oppo A15S can last up to two hours. The phone features a fast-charging power port that offers up to six hours of talk time on a single charge. Users can expect an extensive amount of connectivity options with the smartphone. There are Bluetooth and USB technologies that allow for optimal performance. Downloading software for Samsung apps and downloading ring tones are also supported. The manufacturer also provides users with the Samsung apps that they can use to manage their mobile devices like play music, weather, connect with family and friends and plenty more.