The absolute first European Millions Lottery or Euro Lottery as many individuals call it occurred on Friday the thirteenth of February2004. In certain nations Friday the thirteenth is viewed as an exceptionally unfortunate date yet it wasn’t for the victors of that first Euro lottery.

Seven days sooner on the seventh February the togel hari ini lottery had been sent off by the 3 unique partaking nations, UK, France and Spain. A little more than a half year after the fact the quantity of partaking nations developed to 9 when Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined.

The award store begins at 15 million Euros (£12 million). In the event that the lottery bonanza isn’t prevailed upon the award rolls to the following draw. There have been large numbers of these rollovers and the big stake has developed to as much as 170 million Euros. This prize was divided among 3 individual champs.

In many nations you must be 18 years old to buy an Euro Millions Lottery ticket. One special case is the UK where as far as possible is set at 16 years of age. Wining tickets must be paid far outside of city limits where they were bought and in the money of that country.

At the point when you really buy your lottery ticket no record of the real buyer is kept. The cash goes to the individual introducing the triumphant ticket. Assuming that you lose your wining ticket and another person finds and presents it the cash is theirs. So you must take great consideration of your Euro Lottery tickets.

Some worry had been communicated about the size of a portion of the super rollover big stakes. In light of these worries the coordinators concluded that they would restrict rollovers to a limit of 11. On the off chance that the big stake had not been won by then the bonanza would be moved down and shared by every one of the individuals who had 5 fundamental Euro Lottery numbers and one beginning number.